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Slotted Pegboard and Addons

Slotted Pegboard and Addons


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【Comes flat packed】- All parts of this unit comes in pieces and will require some DIY though not a lot, just grab some wood glue! Remember to dry fit first before committing. (Wood glue is required however it is not supplied)

【blank and customisable】- Coming in blank MDF we highly encourage users to make each their own with a few of their own touches (For all units remember to assemble FULLY before painting)

【Many options with new features to come】 - Already with a handful of addons make sure to keep checking for whenever new additions come for this unit


CNC cut from 6mm MDF


Slotted Board:

990mm High x 543.5mm wide


30mm High x 7mm Wide with spacing of 33mm between them

**The Slotted Board comes with spacers, these are used to keep the board being pressed up against the wall**

** All addons are only guaranteed to fit on our boards and our boards do not support addons not made by us**

✸Addon Details:

SKU - Addon - Dimensions (Depth includes Hooks)

1057 - Screwdriver Holder - 135mm High x 285mm Width x 121mm Depth (16 10mm Slots)

1058 - Pen Holder - 135mm High x 285mm Width x 121mm Depth ( 36 22mm slots)

1059 - Long Tray - 135mm High x 285mm Width x 121mm Depth

1060 - Ribbon Holder - 135mm High x 285mm Width x 141mm Depth (6mm gap at base for ribbons)

1061 - Deep Tray - 135mm High x 125mm Width x 121mm Depth
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