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Christmas Tree Advent Calendar for Chocolate Eggs - SECONDS

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar for Chocolate Eggs - SECONDS


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  • 【Comes flat packed】- All parts of this unit comes in pieces and will require some DIY though not a lot, simply slots together, can be taken apart after use for easy storage (However you may glue pieces for extra stability)

  • 【Great for Christmas season】- Great for the home this display will make the perfect solution to bring a bit of sparkle to each room.

  • 【blank and customisable】- Coming in blank MDF we highly encourage users to make each their own with a few of their own touches (For all units remember to assemble FULLY before painting)


  • CNC cut from 6mm MDF


  • Overall size of tree is 677mm High x 471mm Wide

  • 24 small shelves measures 50mm x 50mm approx Each with a hole to balance an egg

  • Top shelf measures 70mm x 70mm approx with no hole

Though I may not be flawless as I once was, I still possess an abundance of vitality and potential.

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