Wall Mounted Compass

Wall Mounted Compass

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In the design of a Trusted Compass, ready to take a spot on your wall arrangement. Whether in a Patina, Galvanized or Black coating this will make a fantastic addition as the sheen will bring eye catching colour to walls.




【A patina style】- Our raw untouched versions are perfect for those looking for a more rustic vibe, leaving them out in the elements long enough will allow them to rust naturally

【Treated to be highly resistant to rusting】- Each of our Blank or Coloured goods made in shop are treated with a layer of zinc to help protect it from outside elements and other external factors that may cause it to rust before painting for added protection

【High quality materials】- We check each of our mild steel sheets before being plasma cut for imperfections to make sure they will remain strong and reliable for as long as a lifespan as we can for our products

Plasma cut from 1.5mm mild steel

350mm in diameter

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