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Metal Free-Standing Sleighs and Reindeer

Metal Free-Standing Sleighs and Reindeer


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For the Christmas celebration and jolly family meet ups these decorations are waiting to welcome visitors to your wonderland either inside or out!



【High quality materials】- We check each of our galvanized mild steel sheets before being plasma cut for imperfections to make sure they will remain strong and reliable for as long as a lifespan as we can for our products


Small Sleigh is cut from 1mm Mild Steel (Will Rust when exposed to the elements)

Large Sleigh and reindeer is plasma cut from 1.5mm galvanized mild steel (Our galvanized products are treated to be highly resistant to rusting)


Large Sleigh - 380mm x 586mm x 218mm

Small Sleigh - 275mm x 410mm x 166mm

Reindeer - 394mm x 264mm x 147mm

**Nuts and Bolts to put together are included**

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