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Box of 31 Random Christmas Shapes # 1

Box of 31 Random Christmas Shapes # 1


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  • Box of random Christmas Shapes.
  • Approx £30 of items
  • Various shapes and sizes
  • No changes can be made to these boxes as they are boxed and ready to send
  • Once they're gone, they're gone!!

Approx. Contents:

Stocking Tag - 190x110mm x1

Santa Head - 95x90mm x1 &50x45mm x3

Large Stags Head - 250x220x6mm x1

Holly Wreath - 100x100mm x1

Santa Head Profile - 100x60mm x1

Angel  - 100x75mm x1

Cute Standing Reindeer Tag - 120x70mm x3

Large Detailed Snowflake - 250x250x6mm x1

Large Snowflake - 250x250x6mm 1

Large Snowflake Bauble - 250x195x6mm x1

Large Tree Bauble - 250x195x6mm x1

Large Angel - 260x160x6mm x1

Large Santa - 250x170x6mm x1

Large Snowman - 250x190x6mm x1

Blank Snowmen - 100mmx1, 75mm x1 & 50mm x1

Reindeer Key - 100x50mm x2

Reindeer Tag - 75x110mm x3

Present - 100x60mm x2

Snow Pets - 50mm x1 Each

Snowman tag - 195x135mm x1

Toy Soldier - 100mm tall x2

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