Lasersmith at Crafts for Christmas

During the month of September we at lasersmith are delighted to give all customers attending the SEC Glasgow "Crafts for Christmas" event a discount of 20% off everything on our website! The only caveat being that you must pick up your item at our booth during the event!

So whether you are looking to stock up on our usual craft storage or sticking to the theme of the event and digging into our newer Christmas range we will have everything prepped and ready to collect during our three day stay at the event from the 13th to the 16th of October!

Please be sure to leave a note on which day you wish to pick up your order so we can have it ready else you may be asked to return on a separate day

**While we will still have our regular flash sales, using the code: SECearlybird will inform us that you willing and able to collect your product from the event during the window that we are there and that you understand that if you place an order during any stage of the month using the code the earliest you will get it is the first day of the event when you collect it.**