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Duck family Stakes (Set of 4)

Duck family Stakes (Set of 4)

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In the design of a beautiful waterfowl, a staple of any country community ready to take a tranquil spot in your garden or planting arrangement. Whether in a patina, Galvanised or white style this ones feathers would be a fantastic addition as the sheen will bring eye catching colour to your garden all year round, no matter the season.  




  • 【A patina style】- Our raw untouched versions are perfect for those looking for a more rustic vibe, leaving them out in the elements long enough will allow them to rust naturally


  • 【Treated to be highly resistant to rusting】- Each of our Galvanised or Coloured goods made in shop are treated with a layer of zinc to help protect it from outside elements and other external factors that may cause it to rust before painting for added protection 

  • 【High quality materials】- We check each of our galvanized mild steel sheets before being plasma cut for imperfections to make sure they will remain strong and reliable for as long as a lifespan as we can for our products

  • 【Ideal gift for garden lovers】- While our stunning designs and eye catching colours are sure to bring attention it'll never steal the show to the gardens of those that worked hard to bring out the best of them


  • Plasma cut from 1.5mm mild steel


Mother Duck:

  • 216mm wide x 254mm High with a stake 70mm Long - Total height: 324mm


  • 100mm wide x 131mm High with a stake 70mm Long - Total height: 201mm
  • 113mm wide x 103mm High with a stake 70mm Long - Total height: 173mm
  • 134mm wide x 113mm High with a stake 70mm Long - Total height: 183mm
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