Wide range of Craft Storage solutions available at LaserSmith

Wide range of Craft Storage solutions available at LaserSmith

It is often said that you can never have enough storage – but here at lasersmith we think it’s more about finding the right storage option for your needs!  We supply a wide range of storage solutions and all our mdf products come flat packed with easy to follow assembly instructions.  They are also ready for you to make you own with paint, decorations or decoupage – so you can easily make them fit your room or shop.  Many of our solutions can be kept freestanding or can be wall mounted depending on your needs.


So, the next step to solving your storage needs is to consider what do you need to store?  We have solutions for various items from metal die storage for holding A4 magnetic sheets to three tier display stands which could be used for various things such as point of sale, make up etc.  For paper we have storage units for 12 x 12 inch paper which also fits ikea kallax cube storage and we offer A3 paper storage trays which can become a stackable tray system.  If it’s stampin-up ink pads or pen storage holders that you need – we have a number of variations as well as an ink and glue storage rack, lace storage holders and ribbon holders.  Take a look at our range and hopefully you will find something that suits you needs.


At lasersmith, we understand that sometimes you also have special items that you want to store safely.  We have a certificate holder box for documents such as birth or marriage certificates and can create a beautiful personalised baby keepsake box for you to keep your baby’s memorabilia.  If the toys are starting to take over the house, it might be time for a toy/storage box or to invest in a 3 drawer set or a 9 drawer storage box!


We hope you will find something to meet your needs on our website, but if you are looking for something more tailored or personalised, we are always happy to have a chat to see if we can help.  Feel free to call us on 02891 246356 or email us at admin@lasersmith.co.uk to see what we can do for you.


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